Argus Property NB (Non Bank) is property ownership investment business which links tenants and investors to income producing commercial & industrial assets.


As a Non Bank structured entity the initial acquisition is acquired through cash reserves allowing the business to acquire the best opportunities in the market.



Argus Property NB (APNB) is a strategic property business which identifies specific assets to invest in on the basis of clear pre-determined parameters.


The target assets are limited to commercial & industrial properties of a freehold title nature. APNB is not a developer of unimproved sites and only invests in existing ‘improved’ properties.


Without any form of bank finance, acquire only commercial or industrial buildings either partially tenanted or vacant possession. According to the current Tamawood Corporation, Chairman, the 2019 market is currently characterised "...this (market) is the perfect storm".

linking tenants & investors with income producing assets
Narangba Industrial Asset - comprising 25,750 sqm of land with 11,137 sqm of warehouse industrial building GFA.
Richlands Industrial Asset - comprising 19,500 sqm of land with 8,000sqm of building GFA
Spring Hill Commercial Asset - a 6,000 sqm NLA office building
Brisbane City Commercial Asset - a freestanding office building with a NLA of 720 sqm
Assets that would meet the criteria of the group include: