Argus Bursary Foundation (ABF) is about raising awareness and financial support towards a meaningful bursary contribution ideally by way of a student’s secondary school education.


The target is a meaningful donation to a Queensland based private secondary school by 2025. The funds raised will partly finance a student’s school fees (and associated expenses like boarding fees) with the balance of the monies to met by the nominated school’s bursary program.


The likely student recipient is typically from a family that might not be able to obtain a solid education without financial assistance from a third party source. The majority of recipients for this form of bursary are from families of disadvantaged financial background and in many cases from an indigenous community.


“What gift could be greater? A quality education for a young person for whom, without a bursary, would have limited opportunity in secondary & tertiary education pursuits” remarked Argus Bursary Foundation Director, Sam Higgins.


“Inspirational stories from the bursary program have been emerging. Argus is excited about playing a small part in this space,” he said.


Brad Lucas of Argus Bursary Foundation added that not only does the school student benefit from such a bursary but the knock on effects to the immediate family and the families’ community are often life changing now and for future generations.


Argus have started this year’s fund raising by committing to 200 days of river loop cycling.


The 2019 challenge is to ride a City Cycle bike on the river loop for each working day consecutively for next 200 days in an effort to raise the 2019 donation.


“We chose to partner with CityCycle (CC) because we feel the concept is a great initiative by the City Council and we want the BCC to continue with the program given the health benefits for local community,” said Sam.


“The CC bikes are more fun to ride than you would first consider & with the yellow Lipton wheel hubs and chain guards you can go for a cycle even in business attire - if pressed for time,”


“‘Lipton Tea and Bris City Council are ABF’s Elite 2019 Bursary Sponsors and we are looking for other 2019 corporate sponsors - groups like Realcommercial & ABC Photoshop.”


Track the progress on Facebook/Argus Bursary Foundation City Cycle Challenge 2019.


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